Petition Summary


The water development policies of the state and federal governments have resulted in the destruction of the Central Valley salmon.

  • The California sport and commercial salmon fishing season has been curtailed seriously and was totally closed in 2008 and 2009 because of the Delta collapse and water mismanagement. The cost was $1.4 billion annually and 23,000 jobs.
  • The federal & state water policies have created the collapse of the Delta with near fatal damage to the runs of salmon and striped bass
  • Two salmon runs are already listed under the Endangered Species Act and the other two have crashed badly. The unlisted fall-run has declined over 90% and ther late-fall has declined 87%.
  • The current salmon runs are unstainable particiularly in low water years. We will lose them unless rebuilding actions are taken,

Therefore: the 4.2 million California fishermen seek the following actions:

  • A reduction in Delta exports and a moratorium on any new Delta water development or allocations until the fish runs are recovered.
  • A doubling of the salmon runs in the Central Valley as required by state and federal law.
  • Full funding and compliance with the Central Valley Project Improvement Act and The Endangered Species Act.
  • Implementation of salmon rebuilding projects such as the 26 projects proposed by the Golden Gate Salmon Association

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Friant Dam
Friant Dam de-watered the San Joaquin River destroying millions of fish. Fishermen are fighting back.