Petition Summary


  • The State and Federal governments have ignored the needs of the fall and the late-fall salmon runs that support recreational and commercial fishing opportunities. 
  • The commercial salmon industry has been mostly shut down since 2015 because there are not enough salmon in the ocean for them to turn a profit.
  • Both the fall-run and the late fall-run species are now nearing extinction and need special short term “on the ground” investments to help recovery. 
  • Congress and the water agencies particularly the Bureau of Reclamation continue to remove the pumping and flow protections in the rivers and in the Delta that the salmon need to survive.
  • The California Resources Agency continues to push for the Delta Tunnels in spite of the fish agency evidence that the project will result in extinctions.
Therefore the 2 million California fishermen and women and those support restoring the salmon seek the following actions:       
  •  Stop the excess export pumping from the Delta and the upstream temperature and flow problems that destroy most of the juvenile Sacramento River salmon before they reach the ocean.
  • Assist in the planning; engineering and funding of the short term high priority “On the Ground” actions that the Golden Gate Salmon Association and the CSAMP Policy group have identified that will begin the early recovery of the fall and the late-fall fish.
  • Stop killing the tens of thousands of fall and late-fall adult spawners that enter the salmon hatcheries and are then killed as surplus to the hatcheries needs.  Return them to the rivers so they can spawn elsewhere and help rebuild the runs.
  • Stop the Delta tunnel project and go to work reducing the excessive entrainment losses that currently occur at the export pumping facilities.
  • Accelerate the implementation of the side channel spawning, rearing and floodplain habitat projects in the Sacramento River that will reduce predation and will put the river partially back in a configuration where the juvenile salmon can survive.
  • Increase the springtime flows in both the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers that are needed to push the tiny juvenile salmon down the rivers and through the Delta.

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Friant Dam
Friant Dam de-watered the San Joaquin River destroying millions of fish. Fishermen are fighting back.