Oppose the WaterFix Twin Tunnels and their support by the Delta Stewardship Council

                                          Targeting Salmon Destruction by the WaterFix Twin Tunnels Project

Dear Salmon Supporter:
As you probably know, the WaterFix twin tunnels project has failed virtually every economic and feasibility test yet the State of California and the Southern California water interests continue to push on with it.  You probably also know that the project would likely lead to serious further declines in the salmon populations and possibly extinctions.  It is definitely not in our interest. Water4Fish, the Golden Gate Salmon Association and several other salmon groups all oppose the project.
Another key vote is now pending at the Delta Stewardship Council.  The Council is now ready to approve the WaterFix conveyance plan as another amendment to the Delta Plan.  Approval is probably a foregone conclusion but we still need to vigorously oppose it.  They can ignore us, but the issue will probably end up in a lawsuit.  If that happens, they will be forced to make our strong opposition public.  That can make a big difference.
We are asking you to please take a few minutes, fill out the form then proceed and send the opposition letter to the Council.  It is due before January 22nd 2018.  In past campaigns, we have generated over 20,000 signed letters.  That can make a huge difference.  We are asking you for help now and we will also alert you in the future anytime legislation or a negative policy changes threatens our salmon runs.
Thanks for your support.
The Water4Fish Board of Directors
Dan Bacher
Dave Hurley
Dick Pool
Ron LaForce

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